“Nature…Abstracted” Art Workshop with Jennifer McHugh

“Nature…Abstracted” Art Workshop with Jennifer McHugh

DATES: May 18 2023 - May 21 2023

COST: $750

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San Diego professional artist, Jennifer McHugh, is a process-driven artist; her work is a result of feelings and reactions to the everyday world that surrounds her. The moments, experiences and nuances gathered from daily life make their way to the canvas and tell a story. As the layers develop, she is guided intuitively by the colors, energy, marks and movement; working in many layers, adding and subtracting until it reaches a certain balance and “feels complete”.

Creating art abstracted from nature is about observing the colors, patterns and objects around you, then interpreting what you see as “feelings” rather than “reality”. You are creating your own visual language and expressing it with color, texture and form…guided by emotion. The result is your personal interpretation of something real that exists, but unique to the feelings it stirred inside you. There is no right or wrong, perfection or copying…just playful, intuitive exploration with a focus on the process, flow state and present moment. The beauty of abstract art is that it doesn’t have to have meaning or tell a story; it is interpreted through individual feelings, not images.

Workshop description:

While mindfully observing & soaking up the ranch’s beauty, colors and patterns, we will create two abstract landscapes over the course of the long weekend. One landscape will be a mixed-media painting on canvas, using acrylic paint, paper, fabric and various tools for mark-making to create texture & patterns. The other landscape will be a painting on paper, blending layered washes of fluid paints to capture colorful personal moments at the ranch. Although Jennifer encourages lots of photo-taking to have inspiration at your fingertips, these landscapes will not be planned ahead. Our intention is to be fully immersed in the process, watching our landscapes evolve intuitively. No prior experience is needed, just an open mind and willingness to explore! Jennifer will be there to guide you in this authentic form of self-expression, in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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Cost includes: *Professional workshop instruction, 3 nights lodging and 8 meals at Rancho La Bellota, horseback riding (you must be able to mount your horse from the ground to participate), all transportation in Mexico, and winery tour in Valle de Guadalupe. Optional wine purchases are paid on your own. Workshop size is limited to provide individual attention and instruction. All art materials provided. Experienced artists should bring their preferred medium.

Jennifer McHugh


Jennifer McHugh

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Thursday 2:00 pm – Meet at U.S.–Tecate border.
Sunday 2:00 pm – Return to U.S.–Tecate border.
Cost: $750
Instructor: Jennifer McHugh
Instruction Type: Acrylic/Mixed Media Painting
Instruction Level: Open to all
Materials: All art materials are provided. Experienced artists should bring their preferred medium.

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