“Rancho La Bellota in Baja is like no other adventure I’ve been on. It’s a place where you can get back to breathing fresh air and view the clear star filled night skies and shooting stars. After driving on a fun bumpy dirt road for miles Ellen Parry (Baja Rancho Art Director) and I arrived at the top of the hill overlooking the beautiful ranch nestled in the Baja green deep valley. Rancho La Bellota hosts, Raul and Caroline Aguiar with good cheer and greetings, welcomed us. They are very generous, kind, and gracious people who clearly live the good life at the ranch. The ranch is filled with sounds and sites of a full working ranch with horses, sheep, cows and free-range chickens and most likely other assorted creatures in the hills. There are hiking trails and horse rides and wondrous places to sit and paint or draw. In the main casa there is usually something delicious being cooked and prepared by the chief…not to mention the yummy drinks! The cute cabins are spacious and homespun with the feel of simpler times. The ranch is off grid, which in my opinion feeds a peaceful feeling of contentment. My favorite part of the weekend trip was exploring…. the native plants, the beautiful creek with morteros (impressions in granite rock used for grinding foods by ancient native people), the natural spring, the incredible shapes of the sycamores and oaks in the valley. I can’t wait to return and create, paint and draw on location, unwind, and just breathe.
— Helen Shafer Garcia


“The border crossing was EASY! I felt so pampered by the ride to and from the ranch.
— Paula A.


“The ranch offered ideal opportunities and variety for painting both indoor and outdoor scenes.
— Jeff J.


“Printmaking with Carol Webb at the Ranch was an amazing experience in a studio setting any artist would love!
— Nancy D.


“Beautiful countryside. Interesting, quaint little towns. Welcoming, clean facilities.
— Teresa S.


“The accommodations were extremely charming and clean.
— Nicole T.


“The owners were welcoming and helpful. The entire staff was very accommodating to any request.
— John H.


“It was serene, tranquil, indulgent, rustic, charming, and entirely relaxing.
— Linnea M.


“The food and family style dining were delightful! … I am sure that I’ve never eaten dinner by so much candlelight in my life. And that was such a delight! ­
— Bassemah D.


“Off the grid and away from the rat race, painting at the rancho was a sublime experience.”.
— Sonny D.


“I had a fun weekend with great people and it was a great learning experience.
— Karen J.


“The printmaking workshop was fun and informative, in fact, the whole weekend was a wonderful experience!
— Vicki L.


“The food was absolutely fresh and delicious! It exceeded my expectations.
— Teresa S.


“A little piece of paradise with a genuine feeling of old fashioned welcome, the Rancho experience was delightful, comfortable and sparked my creative instincts!
— Ellen S.


“I loved the weekend at the ranch. Everyone was so nice, the food was so good, perfect weather and wonderful scenery. The three hour, six-course European country lunch at the winery was fabulous. With all that, there was still time to paint.
— Georgina C.
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