Christopher Daren Webb

Christopher Daren Webb, Potter and Ceramic Sculptor, Owner of Two Artists in Love Studios

Christopher Webb grew up in Modesto California. He studied Fine Arts at Chico State University while earning 21 All-American titles is swimming. He is both a sculptor and potter with over twenty-five years of teaching experience. A dedicated and involved member of the California Art Education Association Christopher continues to share his expertise with fellow teachers, leading clay workshops for ceramic educators, art professionals, and novices throughout California.

As a 3D Art teacher he works in many mediums including marble, papier maché, silver jewelry and clay. Christopher’s own ceramic work combine both unconventional and classic forms, creative patterns, textures and the use of alternative finishes such as Raku and Pit firing. These styles of firing create brilliant metallic, crackle, and smoke patterns on clay that are unique to each piece.

He is inspired by many native cultures in the United States and Mexico. The native peoples of San Ildefonso, New Mexico and Mata Ortiz, Sonora, Mexico are world renowned for reviving this ancient style of ceramic firing. The techniques leaves one-of-a-kind patterns on the clay surface, influenced by organic and inorganic materials, smoke and flame in the firing pit. Maria Martinez of New Mexico and Juan Quezada of Mexico are famous for their pottery created with this method.

Christopher’s work has been featured in San Diego Art Institute shows and has been in the annual Redstone Art gallery shows the past 9 summers.

He lives in Bonita, CA with his wife, printmaking artist Carol Catalano Webb, where each has a home studio and act as each other’s muse.


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