Because of you – 2014 was a wonderful first year

Thank you

Baja Rancho Art offered eight creative and fun workshops focused on Painting and Photography with a dash of wine touring for good measure. With seven art workshops already scheduled for 2015 and more in the planning stages, we are set for an exciting new year!

With the completion of a new barn at the Rancho La Bellota, we will be offering something new for 2015 – our first Ceramics and Printmaking workshops! The new construction will include unique facilities to create and fire ceramics, explore printmaking techniques, and will offer plenty of space to get creative!

The benefit of an art workshop weekend at Rancho La Bellota is that we don’t need to travel anywhere else – inspiring subjects, delicious meals, and comfortable lodging are all right there. Our all-inclusive workshops allow us more time to relax and create. Our needs are always met or exceeded with a hospitality that comes so naturally from Ranch owners Raul and Caroline Aguiar, and we wish to thank them.

To those of you who have been unable to attend our workshops but enjoy receiving our newsletters, Facebook postings, tweets, and emails, thank you for allowing us to keep in touch. To all our guests, workshop instructors, clients, and co-workers, thank you for also being our friends. Our lives have been made richer by knowing you.

Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Creative New Year,
The Baja Rancho Art Team


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