Balboa Park Paipai Pottery Event, Sept 16 and 19, 2017

Balboa Park Paipai Pottery Event

Baja Rancho Art welcomed the opportunity to partner with Balboa Park, Peter Rozek, and The San Diego Art Institute to sponsor Baja California Paipai Indian Potter Daria Mariscal as the Park celebrated Native Indian Arts north and south of the border.

The San Diego Art Institute’s “BC to BC: MAKE OR BREAK POTTERY event featured “New Ceramic Art from Baja California to British Columbia” on September 16, 2017. This was a one-of-a-kind pottery making workshop and was truly amazing.

We wrapped up our time at the popular BC to BC event talking with Canadian ceramicist, Maggie Boyd, who has been making cups from clay deposits found in Balboa Park. Tuesday September 19th, 6pm, we will helped celebrate California Native American Day as Daria and the San Diego Art Institute demonstrated to the public a traditional pit fire overlooking Cabrillo Bridge and fire pottery created at the BC to BC workshop. 

As a natural extension to this Balboa Park event, Baja Rancho Art offered a 5 day Paipai Pottery Workshop, November 14 – 19, 2017, led by instructor Daria Mariscal. Click here for more.

A Bi-Cultural Community Partnership:

Daria Mariscal is a Baja California Paipai tribal member and Native Master Potter and workshop instructor. The Paipai are the only native people in Baja California who still produce functional and ornamental pottery in the traditional way, without the use of a potter’s wheel or kiln.

The San Diego Art Institute (SDAI), located in the heart of Balboa Park, is a bi-national contemporary art center catalyzing new experiences and connecting artists with their audience. Their mission is to advance southern California and northern Baja art and artists through experiences which help expand cultural perspectives and understanding.

Baja Rancho Art offers art workshops in painting, printmaking, ceramics, and photography in Baja California. The location is nestled in a picturesque valley with its own unique landscape and light. Poetic oak groves, seasonal creeks and springs, dramatic landscapes, and adjacent the artisanal wineries of Valle Guadalupe offer endless inspiration. Explore the creative possibilities in our beautiful “studio of the south” for artistic expression, wine tasting, horseback riding, and relaxation.

Peter Rozek, Managing Member, North American Souvenirs. North American Souvenirs creates cultural programming to promote communities and is an arts collaborative whose mission is to connect people to neighborhood spaces and cultural heritage with fully immersive art installations. With a rotating cast of visual and performance artists, North American Souvenirs creates cultural programming based on long-range government plans, philanthropic institutions’ policy initiatives and community development objectives.

Rancho La Bellota, Horse and Guest Ranch in Beautiful Baja, Mexico. Baja Rancho Art art workshops are located at Rancho La Bellota, a working ranch as you would have found in the Californias – Alta and Baja – over 100 years ago. The 2,800-acre ranch sits in an ideal location, just north of Baja’s scenic “Ruta del Vino” in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s famous wine country. The ranch is nestled in a picturesque valley of oaks and sycamores, seasonal creeks and springs, and dramatic landscapes.


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