Daria Mariscal, Workshop Instructor

Daria Mariscal, Koatl Kumeyaay Paipai, Pottery

Daria Mariscal, Paipai Indian Pottery workshop instructor

Daria Mariscal, Paipai Indian Pottery, Indigenous Ceramic Traditions

Daria Mariscal is a native Baja California Paipai tribal member and our Paipai Indian Pottery workshop instructor. Daria makes traditional pit fired pottery and quarries her own clay on the reservation lands. Daria also weaves baskets with juncus, palm and pinon pine needles. Daria lives in the Paipai community of Santa Catarina, Baja California, Mexico, located about 35 miles east of Ensenada, B.C. The Paipai are the only native people of Baja California still producing pottery. She has taught on the Viejas Indian Reservation and Barona Indian Reservation in San Diego County, and will be a featured guest artist at the San Diego Art Institute, Balboa Park, in September, 2017. Click here for more information on this event.